The project implementation is divided into two main parts in which the main contribution and the innovativeness of the proposed procedures can be defined. The first stage includes excavations in the form of a summer school of archaeology. The excavations are conceived as multidisciplinary archaeological research into landscape and settlement networks that focus on the understanding of social and economic relations in the first millennium populations. This will be the first time that such a wide range of tools will be applied in this region: spatial archaeological analysis (LIDAR, GIS, mathematical modelling) together with archaeo- ecological methods (archaeobotany, archaeozoology, geoarchaeology).

The second stage of the project consists of the processing and presentation of results, again, with the participation of the students from the summer school of archaeology. The primary objective in this stage is to present the results online. Via this website which will include interactive web applications with all the research results. As the applications will mostly take the form of an interactive GIS map, they will also be built to serve as a guide to the region. As a result of these outputs, cultural heritage and the results of this research will be made available to both experts and the general public.

Summer School of Archaeology

During the summer months of 2022, the archaeological excavation will be realized at the site Gbely-Kojatín. There is a polycultural archaeological site, where there are mainly archaeological sources from the Roman period and early Middle Ages (germanic cremation burial ground and early medieval mound). The excavation will be based on previous field activities (non destructive archaeological survey) in this area and will be organized as a summer school of archaeology. Information about the dates of the summer school of archaeology and organizational details are published in the section News and on Facebook.

Web Applications

In recent years, we have been building web applications in which we present results of archaeological research focusing on the cultural landscape in the Middle Course of the Morava River. Web application allow presentation of the results of systematic interdisciplinary research and they contribute to the protection of historical cultural landscape.